Family Courts:
Where Kids R for SALE or RENT ... And
Inspired by San Diego Family Courts: Taking place all across North America and Europe

K-K-Kangaroo Courts

Family Court Vampires at work: in the Dark

  What's Wrong with this Picture?  

How the System Works  
to Maximize Kid-Sales, Rentals  & Profits 
 Why Some  Fathers ...
Stop Paying Child Support
Missing Dad Problem Solved
Drugs, Alcohol, Abortion, Drop Outs, Jail,
Bank Accounts & Band-Aids
Lawyers Who Are Worth
More than their weight in Salt
Focus on the Family's Message 
Just find a Replacement ... dad
What's America's #1 Problem?
CRISPE's Blog  Carnival Courthouse

  What's Wrong with this Picture?
The  Fatherhood  Crisis:
 Time for a New Look?
Fathers Have Rights ... too
IF they have  $$$$
California Men's Centers
Satisfaction Guaranteed !!!
Orrrrrr your Money Back

Family Court Photo Album 

When Private Mediation Fails:
Tips for Lieyers & Crooks on Maximizing Profits

The Pitfalls of Private Mediation 
The Public Court.Com  Calling All VIPs

  What's Wrong with this Picture?   
Growing up without Dad  
Government Offs are AOL
Hey! There's NO Paper Trail 
How to Investigate a Crook
Plus: How to Hand-Pick a Court-Buddy

FL-326 and San Diego Courts:
It's the parents fault that lawyers and Judges didn't 
Read the State's own Mandatory Rules
for Five Years

The 14 Mail-Order Wall Plaques
SD Family Court Officials
Fail to Notify Parents of their ...

One Size Fits All
$$$$$$$ with $$$$$$$


  What's Wrong with this Picture?   
  Parent's Rights Groups
Government Programs
are NOT the Same Thing
Happy Birthday to You
Tips for Lieyers on Digging up more LOOT
Title IV-D Federal  Funds 
Problem  or  Solution ???
Stephen Baskerville's Blog
Billy the kid goes to Court:
to practice Public Service & Art:    i.e. the Art of 
Deception and Using Kids to commit extortion
Who's more likely to Drop Dead 
after Family Court Crooks are done Selling the Kids?
False Restraining Orders 
And what to do about them
Family Court officials in Uniform

  What's  Wrong with this Picture?  
Women can be Guilty too 
Right?   or   Wrong?
Family Court Reform 101
What Happened to Daddy?  
Survey & Quiz
Family Court Love Affair
with kids they made Fatherless
Message to the Kidnappers

To Whom it Should Concern 

Reforming our Family Courts
Books and Videos  
On Kangaroo Courts 
Spin Doctors Blowing Smoke: in Court

  What's Wrong with this Picture?
You be the Judge:
Rate Judges, Lieyers & Crooks
Statutory  Marriage Vs.
Common  Law  Marriage
Children are the Pawns 
 In winner-takes-All Family Court Chess 
Are You Good Enough ... 
To NOT Need an Extortionist
Your Rights as a Divorced Parent
Does our President Care???
about Children who grow up without a Mom or Dad?  
Doesn't he know that few lawyers, therapists or  Social Workers are there for Children or Parents, or the public welfare, but for the MONEY?  And Monopoly Games and
Organized Crime are not going to Change a thing. 
Chopping Down the Family Tree

  What's Wrong with this Picture?  
What Does God think 
of professional lieyers & thieves who 
USE Children to commit Extortion?
and The Chameleon Chronicles
Family Court Video Clips
Look what Uncle Sam's planning ... to
do to keep their foxes out of your Coop.

This page is dedicated to a girl whom I haven't "visited," nor heard from since April of 2008: because -- after over five years of Paying professional Lieyers and Thieves to nitpick me and ONLY me with a microscope, I ran out of Money to play Family Court Chess.  Altogether the Crooks confiscated about $120KKK (including ALL of the so-called "child support").  This is also dedicated to the  MILLIONS of other Children who have also been needlessly and/or maliciously separated from their Father, or Mother as well: by so-called "Family Courts" and their cohort of "licensed" Extortionists, Lieyers, and Thieves: most of whom are far more interested in making another buck than doing "public service" or what is "best for the children."

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Vampire Illustration used with permission of Kathy Brown

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